Apex 50

 For a High Quality crop Yield

Cotton is a important fiber crop and a good source of earning for several farmers in many states like Punjab Haryana Rajasthan Gujarat Maharashtra Telangana etc. With Bt cotton era bollworm infestation was reduced to nil but last few years Pink Bollworm has widely infested cotton crop and farmers faced huge yield loss. Similarly chilli borers significantly reduce chilli yield. In both crops at same time Thrips also infest the crop heavily. Therefore, availing high-performing crop protection solutions is essential.

Apex 50 is such a solution which give superior crop protection from Borers and Thrips in Chilli and provides long duration control.

Apex50 proves to be beneficial for enhancing the quality and yield of these crops. Apex50 is recommended  to be applied at earlier stage of infestation preferably at the beginning stage. Also, Apex50 is recommended to be sprayed twice within a gap of 10 to 15 days for longer duration of control.